What Are Personal Standards? (3 Fictional Story To Inspire)

Standards are important because they help us define what we want out of our lives. They give us a sense of self-worth, and they make it easier to reach our goals. Without standards, we might end up doing things that we don’t really want to do or feel like we’re missing something vital. In some cases, people without standards tend to live in unhealthy ways.

“Personal Standards are a set of principles that a person lives by. They are a reflection of what is important to you and guide your decisions in life. They can be different for each individual, but usually consist of values like honesty, integrity, and respect. Having personal standards helps you stay true to yourself and makes you more accountable for your actions.”

The problem with standards is that we often let ourselves down by falling short of them. We think about how others judge us, and we compare ourselves to those around us. This makes us feel worse about ourselves.

However, if we’re aware of our own standards, we’ll know where we stand and won’t fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others.

Instead of letting standards dictate our actions and feelings, we should set them aside and focus on our personal needs. When we follow our own guidelines, we can enjoy life and find happiness.

What Are Personal Standards definition

I have 3 definitions for you to understand what does it mean to have personal standards.

  • 1. Personal standards are the benchmarks of quality for our lives. They help us determine what we want out of life and what we think about ourselves. If you don’t set personal standards, you’ll never know whether you’ve achieved them or not.
  • 2. Personal standards are the values we live by. They determine how we behave towards others and ourselves. We all have personal standards, but they may be different for each person.
  • 3. A personal standard is a set of values that guide our behaviour. We all have them, but they may be different for each person.
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Some examples include honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, empathy, responsibility, trustworthiness, etc.

How to Recognize Your Personal Standards?

Your personal standards are reflected in how you behave, dress, speak, act, look, and think. They are the set of rules you follow to live a happy life.

You know what you stand for, and you don’t compromise yourself. If you want to be successful, it helps to recognize your standards and work toward achieving them.

importance of Personal Standards

People can tell if you have higher or lower standards based on your appearance, behaviour, attitude, and actions.

If you have low standards, people will perceive you as less competent, less trustworthy, and less likeable. On the other hand, if you have high standards, people will see you as confident, reliable, and likeable.

When you hold high standards, you expect others to meet certain requirements. For example, you might expect your partner to be honest and faithful.

In contrast, when you have low standards, you accept whatever happens without expecting anything specific. This mindset makes you vulnerable because you don’t put up any resistance when things go wrong.

The next time you notice yourself judging others, take note of whether you are holding high or low standards. Then ask yourself why you are doing this. Is it possible that you are setting unrealistic expectations for yourself? Are you judging yourself too harshly? Or maybe you are judging others too leniently.

In order to raise your standards in life, you need to find the right motivation to change.

Success is a result of daily actions…

3 fictional examples to inspire you with 3 tips to develop personal standards.

#1 – “I am a failure.”

This guy had been working really hard to become a successful entrepreneur, and he kept failing miserably. He failed at everything he tried, including his own startup. But eventually, he realized that he needed to stop trying to do everything himself and learn to delegate properly. Once he did that, he became unstoppable. Today, he owns multiple businesses and employs hundreds of people.

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This person is “YOU”.

Yes you heard me right, this person can be you, you have all the potential to achieve all the success in life, just don’t try to do all things by yourself. Just learn to delegate.

#2 – “I’m too old to change my life.”

This man was already retired and living off his pension when he got diagnosed with cancer. After undergoing chemotherapy, he decided to make changes in his lifestyle.

He stopped drinking alcohol, cut out sugar completely, and changed his diet. This led him to lose weight and feel healthier than ever before. Now, he runs marathons and spends most of his free time outdoors hiking, cycling, swimming, and playing tennis.

Why wait till old age, when you can change your life right now. Just decide you deserve a better life and do things that will take you towards your goals.

But first, determine what is your life’s Ultimate Goal.

#3 – “I’m too busy to work on myself.”

This woman worked full time and raised her kids while still managing to find time to exercise and eat well. She didn’t have any spare time, so she figured that she couldn’t improve herself.

Then, she read a book about personal development and learned how to prioritize her time. Soon enough, she found that she actually had quite a lot of time left over.

In fact, she discovered that she could spend three hours each morning reading books, doing yoga, meditating, and writing down her thoughts.

Everyone has 24 hours’ time, but how we utilize that time determines our success in life.

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Personal Standards are what an individual believes to be the correct or ideal way of behaving in a given situation. They can be based on a person’s religious beliefs, cultural values, moral code, or simply what they have been taught.

Most people have some sort of personal standard that they try to live by, even if it’s not always possible.

Having personal standards is important because it allows us to stand up for what we believe in, even when it’s difficult. It gives us a sense of direction and purpose in life, and helps us to stay true to our values.

Personal standards also help us to build relationships with others, by providing a common ground on which to connect.

While having personal standards is important, it’s also important to remember that everyone is different and there is no one right way to behave.