Treasure Cloud Storage Review (19 Pros & 21 Cons) | Explained ✓

Are you tired of the security breaches of the cloud storage platform? Are you frustrated with constant nagging of cloud storage regarding low free space available? Are you unhappy with restrictions on the number of devices you can log in? Well, not anymore.

Here comes a new promising secured cloud storage with zero knowledge(end-to-end encryption) and 800 GB free cloud(20 GB Guaranteed and rest 800 GB via referral) storage.

I present to you my personal Treasure Cloud Review which I have been using from its initial days.

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Top 10 Salient Features Of Treasure Cloud Storage:

1.End-to-End encryption.

2.Connect all your other cloud storage accounts

3.Zero-knowledge encryption.

4.Search through and manage all your cloud storage accounts in one place.

5.Share files securely while in transit also.

6.Streaming audio and MP4 files.

7.Offer two-factor authentication.

8.Huge referral (Earn 800 GB).

9.Free storage space will last for lifetime.

10.No restrictions on the number of devices you can log in.

Treasure basically comes with 10 GB of free storage, 20Gb if you use my referral link and can expand it to 800 GB via your referrals link.

Here are some important links of Treasure Cloud Storage:

You can also check their AppSumo deal where you can get the ongoing lifetime deal with Unlimited cloud storage only for AppSumo buyers.

If can use my referral link to sign up in AppSumo, then you will get $10 to spend on your first purchase.

  • 1 TB storage for a one time purchase of $49,but with my above referral link get it at $39 (Regular price is $99.99 Per Year).
  • 3 TB storage for a one time purchase of $98,but with my above referral link get it at $88 (No 3 GB Regular price).
  • 5 TB storage for a one time purchase of $147,but with my above referral link get it at $137 (They don’t have 5 GB regular plan, but a 4 GB plan of $249.99 Per Year).

You can either continue reading the entire treasure cloud storage review article or watch my video discussing all the details and how to get your free 800 GB free storage.

Treasure Cloud Storage Video Review

Treasure Cloud Storage Review
Treasure Cloud Storage Review

Treasure Cloud Storage Review

If you don’t opt for the AppSumo deal, then their base Standard plan offers 10 GB of free cloud space with the limitation of max 3 connected cloud storage, but its own cloud space can be expanded up to 800 GB using the referral program.

You can access the platform using their web interface, desktop(both Windows & Mac) or any modern Android and iOS device. Current they don’t have Linux support, but they promised to add it in their roadmap soon.

You can check all their employees at

Based in London and Singapore, Treasure was started by a team of cybersecurity experts who had spent their careers building the technology that secured the assets of banks, consultancies, telecoms giants and the like. 

Their technology partners are:Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Intel. 

  • Amazon Web Services is providing the storage for Treasure storage.
  • Microsoft Azure is providing the processing power, backend server and for their web application
  • Intel: If the users wants treasure cloud to securely back up their private keys then they encrypt the keys and keep them in our Anqlave Data Vault (ADV), which is their former company and a next-generation key and secret management system based on Intel SGX technology and is FIPS 140-2, Level 1 certified.

So, you can expect quality performance and security in their service.

Treasure Cloud Storage is a great alternative to?

Dropbox(2 GB🤣), Google Drive(15 GB but combined with other services😉), One Drive(5 GB😂), Box(10 GB with 250 MB File size limit😡), Pcloud(10 GB with referral😢), Icedrive(10 GB with no referral😭), IDrive(5 GB😂 but Lacks 2FA), iCloud(5 GB😂)

Note: Referral links are present in the above Dropbox & Pcloud Storage.

once you connect a third-party storage, there is no limit to the size of either uploads or downloads, while encryption and decryption will be automatically performed in your local browser for files of any size. Within the Treasure platform the file size limit is 2 GB, this is a limit that the team is looking at and is looking to increase this limit.

Who should use Treasure Cloud Storage?

It’s best for personal use, professional use(Specially photographers who need lots of cloud space), a solopreneur like me😬 or a Project managers. Basically anyone who lovers to secure their data(doc, video, image, zip or next great invention’s blueprint) that too without losing the existing cloud storage.

You can search, manage, organize, and share all files from a single dashboard.

Treasure Cloud Storage Review Multi Cloud Storage Management

You can select multiple files and move them all in one go. But currently they don’t support moving folders but it will be implemented soon.

You can stream from the platform for certain file types including audio and MP4 files. They will add other types also in the future.

As the platform is built with end-to-end encryption security, so every time a file leaves your device/web interface, it’s encrypted with your unique key. So, not even the employees at treasure cloud can view them, even if they have access to the server.

Files shared with anyone is encrypted with their unique key, so they’ll be the only party able to access it.

Treasure also uses the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) when data is sent to their servers, so your files will be protected even in transit.

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They use 256-bit AES encryption, which is the industry standard.

As added security, they offer two-factor authentication. You need mobile phone number as your second factor authenticator. As an alternative you can also use Google authenticator as your second factor.

Treasure Cloud Storage Review Two Factor Authentication

This is an exciting feature as it is adding an extra layer of security for free.

When you upload to the Treasure storage, it will already be encrypted by default. But when you upload data to your connected storage (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.) you would have to enable secure uploads in “Settings” -⇒ “Security” -⇒ “Secure upload in non-Treasure cloud accounts”.

Remember this while using the Secure upload in non-Treasure cloud accounts

When uploading files to your Treasure account, your files are automatically secured with end-to-end encryption. Enabling this same secure upload to your non-Treasure accounts will mean you can only open these files when logged into Treasure.

Where is the Treasure Cloud Storage App/Desktop Client Link?

Android App is available at

iOS App is available at

Windows Desktop Client is available at

Mac Desktop Client is available at

Check the details on their home page or Sign Up here (Get 10 GB Free Cloud Space)

What happens when we transfer file/foldetr from other cloud storage to treasure cloud storage?

When we use Treasure to copy a file/folder from Cloud Provider say Dropbox/Google Drive to Treasure cloud, it downloads the file/folder to the browser first and then upload from the browser to Treasure cloud [If you have secure move featured turned on. See the image below].

Treasure Cloud Storage Review Secure Upload in non-treasure accounts

This is because encryption happens on the client-side and thus their server does not know the user’s key

So, they need to download the file/folder, encrypt with user’s key(browser’s crypto library) and then upload the secured file/folder.

However, when moving files/folder that are already encrypted or moving unencrypted files/folder from one connected storage to another, files/folder are not downloaded to the client side and everything is handled by their server.

  • With secured move on: Dropbox/Google Drive → Browser/App → Treasure
  • Without secured move:Dropbox/Google Drive → Treasure

At the moment, Treasure does not support pausing ongoing or resuming interrupted transfers.

You can upload and download files together.

What’s Great about Treasure Cloud Storage?

There are 19 pros I found in Treasure Cloud Storage. They are:

1. The first and probably the best thing that I liked about Treasure Cloud Storage is that it offers client-side encryption (offering zero-knowledge encryption) which many cloud storage don’t offer. And if they do, they charge you extra.

Here, you will get it in their free plan as well.

Only you know this encryption key, and so not even Treasure employees can ever decrypt your files, even if they have access to files in their server.

You can opt out of zero-knowledge encryption when you create your account.

Treasure Cloud Storage Review Protect my key

If you are asking why anyone would do it, then you must understand that selecting zero-knowledge is slightly risky, because if you lose your password and recovery key, nobody can help you recover your account.

By default, Treasure allows you to back up your secure word sequence into the Anqlave Data Vault (ADV). It is a FIPS 140-2 certified vault based on Intel SGX technology. Some users may not wish to leverage the backup and instead store the words in a safe place of their own choice. In either scenario, in the event of forgetting your password, you will be able to recover your account.

If, on the other hand, you opt to not leverage the vault for secure backup of your account, as well as neglect to back up your recovery words locally, the Treasure team will not be able to offer a way for you to get back into your account.

Treasure advises that, regardless of your experience and ability to self-manage, the best option is to allow the Treasure secure vault to act as your safety net. It is somewhat like an insurance policy: we hope you will never need it, but if you do, then we believe that you will be glad that you opted to use it.

That explains everything.

2. They offer Multi cloud storage management like Koofr does. As of now you can connect your Box, Dropbox & Google Drive account now. They are going to add OneDrive, Pcloud and other cloud storage in coming months. The Best part is you can manage them from one place.

3. They have the best and most Impressive referral program. You can get 800 GB cloud storage for lifetime with their client side end-to-end encryption. 

Treasure Cloud Storage Review 800 GB Free Cloud Storage referral for lifetime

4. Treasure Cloud allows you to preview images, video and some format of texts and audio. In the future, they will add other file formats also.

Not only from your treasure storage, you can also preview files from your other connected cloud accounts also. 

5. You can copy, delete or move files from one storage to another in either encrypted or non-encrypted format.

6. Treasure Cloud allows you to share your files (no folders yet! But will be added soon) through email and even set an expiry date to it.

7. Treasure Cloud will retain your deleted files in its recycle bin and you can restore them later.

So, no worries if you have accidentally deleted files or folder.

8. Treasure Cloud allows for automatic photo and video backup from desktop as well as android/iOS app. It may turn out to be a great google photos alternative also.

You can enable Auto-upload option for your default camera folder as well as manually select which folders to sync with the cloud.

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9. The upload and download speeds is decent taking zero-knowledge encryption into account. It may not be the fastest, but it’s improving day-by-day.

10. You can sort your files by name, size, or last modified, and switch to List view or Tile view as per your preference. They have one of cleanest, simple and user-friendly dashboard interface. 

Treasure Cloud Storage Sort by name,size or last modified and list view or tile view

11. You can create as many folders and subfolders as you want.

12. You can star mark the important files as ‘Favorite’. It’s one of the most handy feature that I regularly use.

Treasure Cloud Storage Favorite folder

13. Treasure cloud app supports Biometrics unlock feature for enhanced security and safety.

14. You can create public links protected with a super complex password. Your recipient must have this password in order to access the shared file.

At present, they have only two ways to share files:

  • 1. Via email: Right-click on a file and click “Sharing”. You will need to enter the email addresses of your recipients (But that user must have a Treasure cloud account). 

The recipients will automatically receive an email notification after you click “Share”. 

Note: If any of the recipients are not Treasure users, they will need to sign up before accessing the shared file.

If you want your recipients to access the file without creating an account then use method 2.

  • 2. Via public link: Right-click on a file and click “Create public link”. 

You have to enable the link and copy the link and password. Then you will need to share the link and the password to your recipients via the any platform of your choice (e.g. email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc.)

Don’t even try to give the password over telephone, it’s super complicated 🤣 and you can’t have a custom password.

You may also set an expiry date if you want to. Thereafter, Your recipients do not have to be Treasure users.

15. When you want to share files, You may set an expiry date and a custom note if you want to. That’s a great feature.

16. They have Two-factor authentication (2FA) and you can enable 2FA through SMS or an Authenticator App. 

17. They have the option to shows you the failed login attempts, and devices/browsers signed in to your account. However, there is no option to revoke access from them.

18. There are no restrictions on the number of devices you can log in to Treasure cloud storage.

19. There team is genuine. All of them are expert in what they do. You can check their individual profile on LinkedIn at

What’s Needs Improvement In Treasure Cloud Storage?

Treasure Cloud is NOT perfect, and you can’t completely blame them. It’s a new SaaS(Software as a service) program that started at the end of 2020 and thus needs time to grow like Pcloud, Koofr and Icedrive did.

1. You can Drag-and-Drop to upload files or folder in web interface But currently you cannot drag-and-drop files/folder within the Dashboard. They plan to make it available in around last quarter of 2021.

You have to copy and paste them now. Also, you cannot upload empty folder.

2. You can create public links protected with a super complex password but you cannot have custom password. It’s system generated by their servers.

3. If you want to share the files using email, then they will ask your recipient to sign up for treasure account, which I didn’t like.

You can share via public link also if you don’t want your recipient to sign up.

4. Though they have the option to shows you the failed login attempts, and devices/browsers signed in to your account but there is no option to revoke access.(I am confident they will add it soon😎)

5. This con depends upon how you use the service. When signing up, you can Let Treasure Cloud save your recovery key on their Anqlave Data Vault. This will be helpful when you’re unable to access your account due to any reason.

That doesn’t make it 100% zero knowledge encryption. But you can opt not to save the recovery key with them, so it’s your choice.

If you can safely store your recovery key on your own system, then this will make your account completely zero knowledge encrypted.

6. You can preview some common files but it’s slow to preview because they use zero-knowledge encryption which takes time. Not their fault, but safety comes at the cost of speed.

You cannot view Doc files, Excel files, or PowerPoint Presentations in Treasure Cloud.

7. There is no versioning feature present in their cloud storage at present. So, if you upload a new file, you can’t roll back changes. Your old cloud files will get over-written by the new one. But they are working on it and hopefully we will get it soon.

8. They have trash bin(recycle bin) to bring back the deleted files, but they have not stated clearly for how long the files can stay in the recycle bin.

I personally don’t like such ambiguity.

9. Unless you are planning to buy from the above AppSumo deal, then their paid plans are somewhat expensive. The end-to-end (Zero knowledge encryption) and multi-cloud handling features justifies the price. But, still there are so many alternatives that it’s something they need to look into.

10. Their web interface or app often takes several seconds to respond specially if it’s a large file/folder. But these things will eventually get rectified with time.

11. Treasure Cloud allows you to share your files but not folder which they are going to add soon.

12. They have not gone through any security audits yet, so we cannot trust the source codes of their encryption completely right now.

And that’s the reason I am not going to safe Extremely SUPER Sensitive FILES in treasure cloud right now. I use Koofr for that.

[Get Lifetime deal on Koofr from Stacksocial. Use can use this referral link to sign up.]

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13. Their Privacy Policy is decent, but lacks certain clarity. Read more at Plus, they make use of Google Analytics on their website.

14. Cannot see the storage space of different connected storage accounts.

Treasure Cloud Storage not showing storage space of different connected storage account.

15. Cannot upload large files. There is 2 GB file size limit in web/app interface.

They have pre-release 7 GB upload on Windows/Mac Desktop client for AppSumo users. By June/July it will be 10 GB for all.

16. There is also a limitation of 1000 files with a total folder size of 1 GB.

17. If you are using Treasure’s iOS app, then photo syncing currently has a limitation when the app goes into the background. 

When it’s in background, it cannot auto upload images/videos.

But when the app is woken up by user, it starts uploading photos as intended. 

18. Right now you can integrate Box, Dropbox and Google Drive only. But they are planning to integrate iCloud, OneDrive and Pcloud eventually.

19. There is no dark mode right now, but they are planning to add it soon.

20. There are no centralized photos view(Like Pcloud app) but they will make it available by the end of 2021. So, it will become a great Google Photos alternative.

21. No native Linux client, but they have told me they will be adding it to their roadmap. So, hopefully we will get it soon.

My Experience & Suggestion

When I first used the treasure cloud space, it had a sluggish interface and the overall user experience was bad. That’s why I initially stopped using it. I was surprised to Treasure Cloud Storage in AppSumo. But once I started using their free storage again I found that they have drastically improved their overall performance.

Treasure Cloud has one of the best terms of security features still at present I will not keep any super important & sensitive data in their secure cloud storage because they have not yet done any independent Third Party Public Auditing. I will also suggest the same to you.

The day they do the security audit and pass it, I will trust them completely.

They are paying attention to customer feedback and improving their service based on the review/feedback/request. I tool as a free customer suggested requested them for a Linux Client, add they have shown positive sign.

They have dedicated team of experts and all the profile is genuine(Check them on LinkedIn at, which build trust for the company.

They are also trying to build up community on Facebook & Twitter and hopefully will add Reddit and other platforms.

It’s a new company, so they need more time to grow and need customer feedback/review to improve.

The connection speed may vary depending upon your internet speed. I will not blame their slightly slow upload/download/copy speed as they use zero knowledge encryption.

But, with all that said, Treasure Cloud Storage is a promising cloud storage with lots of potential after they have worked on their bugs and added the missing features. Their Lifetime Deal on AppSumo is awesome, and one mustn’t miss it.

Why upload speed is slow in Treasure Cloud? How to solve slow upload speed?

When you upload files/folders, they encrypt them first using your browser’s crypto library(User key, which is present with you, the client). This process take time. 

Specially, if your computer/mobile resources are scarce. Plus if a lot of tabs going on in the browser, it may be an extremely slow process.

To solve this problem close all tabs and use only Treasure to encrypt and upload the file. You will face this problem only when you upload large file/folder and have less resources.

What to do if you don’t receive the registration confirmation email?

It usually takes less around 30 seconds for you to receive an email from them. If you don’t receive it even after 1 minute, then check spam inbox or your junk.

You can also click the resend button. If this still doesn’t get it, then email them at They will get back to you.

How to change the password in Treasure Cloud storage?

You can change your password at any time by going to the “Security” section in “Settings” and clicking on “Change password”. 

You can change your password directly using the following link: 

Can you change email address in Treasure cloud storage?

No, you cannot change email address in Treasure Cloud storage. Your Treasure account is uniquely identified by your email address and thus for security reasons they do not allow users to change the email address for the account.

What is treasure cloud storage?

Treasure Cloud Storage is a cloud storage platform that can also has the ability to manage your other cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and more to come. It offers a free plan of 10 GB which can be extended to 800 GB by referral.

Is Treasure cloud storage safe?

Treasure uses the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), 256-bit AES encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS) when data is sent to their servers, so your files will be protected even in transit. As added security, they offer two-factor authentication. They offer zero-knowledge encryption even in free account. There app supports Biometrics unlock feature for enhanced security and safety. But have not yet done any independent Third Party Public Auditing. SO, till they do a security audit they cannot be termed as 100% secure.

FAQ on Treasure Cloud Storage Review

What is Treasure Cloud?

Treasure Cloud is a Singapore-based cloud service that offers one of the biggest free cloud storage referral programs. Treasure Cloud is a new cloud storage service that offers up to 800 GB of free cloud storage space.

What are the benefits of Treasure Cloud Storage?

It can link all your cloud storage together with end-to-end encryption and plus up to 800 GB of free storage (depending on referral codes).Treasure makes sharing your files super easy and secure, too.

How much free cloud storage can I get?

By default, you get 10 GB free cloud storage. If you want 20 GB free, you can use my referral code.

Is Treasure Cloud Secure?

Treasure Cloud Storage is fairly secure since it offers zero-knowledge encryption for all files stored on its platform.The platform is built with end-to-end security, so every time a file leaves your device, it’s encrypted with your unique key.

What mobile apps are available?

Treasure Cloud has powerful and feature-packed mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

How much does 1 TB of cloud storage cost?

1 TB is Treasure Cloud Plus plan which cost $9.99 Per Month or $99.99 Per Year.

What are the best encryption tools for file storage?

Keep the files secure with end-to-end encryption applying zero knowledge encryption.

What is the best free cloud storage service?

The best free cloud storage service is easily Pcloud. And the next best if Koofr.