How To Speed Up WordPress In Just 1 Click (Easy Google PageSpeed Optimization Technique)

In this video You will learn how to optimize website speed and load superfast under 5 min. Apply the Simple Tweak To Get Big Results.

Apply Google PageSpeed Optimization and Speed Up WordPress In 1 Click By Compressing Image Without Quality Loss. If you use my link, you will receive 100 images per month from the free plan + 100 one-time credits.

Get 100 Free images per month:

Google PageSpeed Insights is a powerful tool that can help you speed up your WordPress website. It analyses your pages and provides feedback on ways to improve their performance. One of the easiest ways to improve your PageSpeed score is by optimizing your images.
The best way to optimize your images for WordPress is by using a plugin like ShortPixel.

Images are key to nearly every website. They keep the user engaging and help increase retention of the reader.

This helps to improve the bounce rate. But they are also the main reason for your website to become slow.

You can manually optimize each image before upload. I used to do it. But it’s time-consuming.

Advantage of compressing images:

  • 1. Improve page speed
  • 2. Reduces disk space required.
  • 3. Saves Bandwidth
  • 4. Saves money.

I have tried many free image optimization tools. But all the time I return to ShortPixel.

Reasons why I love it.

  • Simpler and lightweight
  • offers customization
  • Bulk compress all your images with a single click.
  • Optimize images outside the media library, such as those added via other plugins.
  • Compress JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and PDF files, either in a lossy or lossless format.
  • Automatically resize images to set dimensions before they are optimized.
  • ShortPixel allows you to keep your original non-optimized images in a separate backup folder.
  • You can re-optimize any image later with a different compression setting.
  • You can restore original files itself. In case you don’t want to keep the originals, you can turn backups off and save server space.
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Once you install from my link, you will get your API. The plugin will have 4 tabs: General Advanced Cloudflare API Statistics