How To Install WordPress Locally in Ubuntu/Linux Mint ? | Bitnami WordPress Installation Guide

In this video You will learn How To Install WordPress Locally in Ubuntu/Linux Mint. Also learn about Bitnami WordPress Installation Guide.

Install WordPress Locally in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

How To Download WordPress Locally in Ubuntu/Linux Mint ?

  • GOTO:
  • Select: Community
  • Select: Win/Mac/Linux
  • Select: Select WordPress
  • Select: Download For Linux Sign In using any of the accounts mentioned or create your own It will get downloaded.

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3 steps to install it in Ubuntu

1. Ubuntu 20.04 focal has Missing system dependency “libtinfo5”. So, Install it first. For that type the following code in your command window.

sudo apt install libtinfo5 

That’s it, libtinfo5 is installed.

2. Depending upon your bitnami file name, Copy and Paste bitnami file name

sudo chmod 755 

3. Install by typing the following


Installer starts it will get installed.

Give the name, password according to your convenience. It will install locally in your PC.

The installation will take some time.

Open ANY Browser. Copy and paste the link below 

You will find your website login here.

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