Want to Speak English Like a Native? Try These Game-Changing Techniques To Improve Your English Language Skills Today! (10 Quick Ways With 9 Pro Tips!)

Are you from non-native English-speaking country? Do you find English tough? Are you preparing for any English competitive Exam like TOEFL or IELTS? Then this article is just for you.

For many people English is not their first language. Thus, even if you can speak and understand the language you might feel the need of improving both speaking and writing skills.

Speaking in a foreign language is definitely tough, but if you follow certain strategy and practice consistently, then the journey will become easier than someone who doesn’t have a plan. 

Consistent practice is the only best way to master the communication skills. There are many courses available online, but before you think about purchasing them, try the methods mentioned in this article for just 1 month and see the improvements.

If the free resources are enough for you, then don’t waste your money on buying high prices so-called “English Communication Skill Mastery Courses”. They all advice the same things that you will find in this blog article.

At the end, you have to work on your skills to perfect it.

9 Important English Communication Tips:

  • When you learn a new word, take a couple of minutes to memorize some sentences that contain it. It will help to retain the word longer in your memory. #use_it_or_lose_it
  • Be Never in hurry to reply. When you speak, speak slower so that you have more time to choose an appropriate word. It will help you to provide the best possible response. #slow_steady_wins_race
  • Listen more to native English-speaking people, observe their accent, body language and choice of words for each situation and learn from them. #best_communication_skill_tip
  • Along with the spoken language you have to focus on your body language as it reveals more than the words. Stand in front of mirror and then practice. Observe yourself and how others did. Learn, Apply and Improve is your success mantra. #body_speaks_louder
  • Maintain proper eye contact with the subject while speaking and ask relevant questions. It will show your confidence and the person will feel that you are interested in them. So, the communication will be deep & meaningful. #fake_it_till_you_make_it
  • To boost your learning, try to read out loud when self practicing. This way you will involve more senses like sound(ear) and feel(mouth), and it will help to remember better & faster. #involve_5_senses_to_boost_learning
  • Use Technology in form of apps and online resources(like this one😉) to learn more about the tips & tricks to improve your learning. #internet_is_also_4_learning
  •  The four(4) language skills necessary to become a master in communication are Listening, speaking, reading and writing. You have to practice improving your skills. #practice_is_must
  • Don’t be scared of speaking. As a beginner, you will make mistakes. Have patience with your mistakes, work hard on improving yourself and have the willingness to learn from everyone around you is the key to success. #be_fearless_get_results 

Not only for interacting with your colleagues and friends, you also need a proper English language proficiency for exams like TOEFL & IELTS.

Your reason to improve may be either personal or professional but in both the cases the ability to speak and understand good English will help you communicate with people worldwide and so you must Improve English Language Skills.

More than 6500 languages are being spoken around the world and out of all this English is considered the most important and it is the third most widely spoken language.

English is being taught in over 118 countries and it is the most common language for trade, business and education.

The fundamental way to learn is to read, listen, write and speak as much as possible without the fear of making mistakes.

The first step in improving your English language is that you must be confident enough to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because only when you make mistake people can correct you and you will learn.

One common mistake that people do and I too have done it is that we try to translate English from our own native language. This reduces the speed at which we can think in English.

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So don’t translate into English from your mother tongue rather practice thinking in English in order to improve your fluency and efficiency.

The best way I can suggest you to learn is to practice regularly. Even if you have less time just spend at least five minutes on your English.

Now Let’s learn

Improve English Language Skills In 10 Quick Ways

Ways to Improve English Language Skills quickly


watch english movies

1. Watch English movies.

Watching English serials and movies will help you understand the language better, make you aware of the ways to respond and learn new word’s quickly, especially the trending words.

Also, when you are watching a movie, the words will get hooked into your subconscious mind automatically.

Thus, you can enjoy the movie as well as learn the language.

You can also have English radio at home or listen them online on your mobile phone. This way even if you are not actually listening to it, your ears will be getting used to the sounds of the language.

Even better than radio is Playing games (any games you like will work) in English. This will help you learn the language subconsciously.

read english newspaper

2. Read and watch English language news.

If you are in a hurry to improve then another great way is to read and watch only English language news.

Though local news are normally written in the local languages, still if possible try to find an English variant of those.

I am pretty sure you will find some local language newspaper over internet.

notebook to note new vocabulary

3. Maintain a vocabulary notebook

While browsing internet watching post on Facebook, reading a newspaper, watching a movie or a YouTube video, wherever you find a new and useful word kindly note it down.

If you are aware of its meaning then no need to write or else go through the dictionary and write the meaning.

Whenever you find a new word try to remember that with an example while noting it down on your notebook so that you can recall it better later on.

This one tip can drastically improve your vocabulary and thus your communication skills.

Sometimes when you find a fancy word before going to the dictionary directly try to predict the meaning of the word from the sentence. Don’t rely completely on dictionary, if possible use your own judgement.

Later on verify the meaning from the dictionary and find out whether your guess was accurate or not.

Most of the Dictionary Apps or online dictionaries have the feature of suggesting a new word each day on the main page of the app or website for you to learn and practice. Also, many online dictionaries like https://www.dictionary.com/ offers free vocabulary games to gamify learning.

Pro Tip: Use the feature of audio pronunciation of any word in the app/online dictionary to understand the tone and how to pronounce.

conversations in english

4. Try to have all your conversation in English

Spending time over telephone with your friends? Why don’t you opt for English in place of your native mother tongue?

This way you will not only spend time with your friends and family but also learn English in this process.

Wherever possible take the permission of your friends/family members to record the conversation. This will help you review the content of the conversation later and thus take notes on new vocabulary or misunderstandings, and not repeat the same mistakes again.

Take help from your family members and friends by letting them know about your plan and ask them to push you to interact with them only in English. Also find an English conversation partner who is also trying to improve his/her English skills. This way both of you will be mutually benefited by the practice.

This technique is specially useful if you have a native English-speaking person as your friend.

owl studying practice a lot under candle lamp

5. Practice a lot.

Only when you can make English language a part of your daily routine, you can actually learn this language effectively and quickly. 

You might be good at writing because over there you have time to think but while having communication you have to instantaneously think and reply.

This will only come to you naturally when you have practiced it over for a long period of time.

You can improve your productivity by following this article of mine named “How to Use The Pomodoro Technique Guide to Optimize Productivity?(in Short Time)” at https://themindpedia.com/pomodoro-technique-guide-for-productivity/

Make reading a part of your daily routine. Set a time and place for reading. Read for at least thirty minutes at a time so that you can become involved in your book.

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man carrying a burden load

6. Don’t make it a burden

If you think studying language is a burden to you then the practice will seem far duller than it actually is.

Relax! Don’t stress yourself while learning the language.

Make the language a part of your daily life and you can easily learn it in the shortest amount of time.

communication in groups and forums

7. Join groups and forum

Technology has gifted us free social networks platforms so that no matter where we live, we are just a click away from a chat-room to join.There are plenty of Facebook groups and online forum where people with mutual interest of learning English quickly are present online.

On those forums and groups, start a conversation by discussing certain topics. See the reply of your peer and answer them, debate(healthy polite debate) with them if needed. Do whatever it takes to continue the conversation.

So join them, learn from your peers, and build the community to mutually help each other.

boy record voice

8. Record your voice and then listen to it.

Whenever you are practicing try to record your words and then listen it review it to improve.

Try to find out the areas where you make mistakes and work upon it. This way you can compare your voice/sound with the way the native speaker sounds/speaks.

English language has a rhythm and certain syllables are stressed in both words and sentences. You need to pay attention to these stressed sounds and recording your voice is very helpful tip in the skill tuning phrase.

If needed you can post your problems in the groups and forums to get more insight about it and possibly a solution from your peers.

have clear goals

9. Set clear goals

Having a set goal is useful for every segment of our life. So give yourself a distinct target of how many words you want to learn in the week, how many books you are going to read, how much broadcast and documentary you are going to watch.

What are the best apps to learn English?

I personally like Duolingo and use it regularly. It’s the best all-rounder language learning app. You will find the app in app store, just goto their website https://www.duolingo.com/

The top 5 English Learning apps are:

1. Duolingo: This personalized English-learning app turns studying into a game. Earn virtual coins to unlock new levels and spend them on fun upgrades. An animated owl keeps you company and encourages you as you learn. When you have questions, get help from fellow students inside the app using the Duolingo message boards. It has both Free and paid versions available at https://www.hellotalk.com/?lang=en

2. HelloTalk: It’s one of the best conversational app. This free app lets you have a conversation with a native English speaker. Chat with English speakers from around the world via text, voice recording, voice call, video call and even drawings. You can also ask questions to the community and get feedback from native speakers. Free app available for iOS and Android at https://www.hellotalk.com/?lang=en

3. Rosetta Stone: It’s the most versatile app. This award-winning English language learning app teaches vocabulary and English grammar. Rosetta Stone includes lessons on pronunciation so you can improve your English accent. You can also download audio lessons to learn offline. Free trial are available along with paid versions for Android, iOS and Windows at https://www.rosettastone.com/

4. FluentU: This app is media-based app where the app sources English-language videos from the real world which includes news, music videos and commercials. This exposure to different multimedia will help you learn English quickly. Interactive captions allow you to tap any word and see more information about it. It has a Free trial and but the paid monthly subscriptions are worth every penny. Available for Android and iOS at https://www.fluentu.com/en/

5. Hello English: If you are an intermediate learner who already understand the basics but want to improve English by polishing the skill then this app is for you. This media-rich app helps you learn English by starting with a language test, then serves up English lessons based on your test results. Hello English supports learners with 23 native languages and lets you play games, watch videos and listen to audiobooks, too. Free versions available for iOS, Android and Windows at https://helloenglish.com/

Is it possible to improve English speaking at home?

Yes definitely it is possible to improve your English speaking at home. Today in the world of digital age you have all the tools necessary present online 24 × 7 for you. You can listen to Podcast or improve your fluency by watching native people speak in documentaries and take online lessons from experience persons at the comfort of your home.

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How to become more confident in speaking English?

You must understand that majority of the people do not care whether you make a mistake or not. In a normal one on one communication it’s how you portray your thoughts to the person matters.

Still, you might find person who will make fun of you. In that case just ignore those people because they are not worth your time.

Be diligent in your practice, improve your skills regularly and have trust in your ability.

How to find books to help you learn English?

Just ask your teacher, classmates, or friends for suggestions, or look on best-seller lists on the Internet specially amazon.com (Affiliate Link) for titles that might interest you. Then go to a bookstore or buy online.

If a book is too easy, it may be boring; if it is too difficult, you may become discouraged and stop reading. To find out how difficult the book is for you, count the number of unknown words on a typical page.

Five or more unknown words on one page means the book is difficult for you. No unknown words mean the book is easy.

Final Thoughts on Improving Your English

Only reading books, watching movies will not help you learn English quickly. You can’t drive a car by knowing how to drive a car. The only way to do so is by applying what you have learned.

In the initial stage do not focus on making the accent perfect. Focus on improving the quality of your vocabulary and knowledge about the use of words. Improve English Language Skills by practicing daily.

Reasons why it is difficult to speak in English is because apart from using the right sentence with correct vocabulary and grammar you also have to use correct punctuation and pay attention to the responder’s body language. That’s a lot of work that has to be processed in your head while you are trying to communicate properly.

As a beginner try to practice learning phrases and not words. By learning longer phrases, you combine words in context and can memorize both their meaning and pronunciation.

And the only way to make sure that you do the above things correctly is by practicing English-speaking skills in proper way and for that try to increase your practice time by using English as mode of communication as much possible.

Learning a language is a long-term process and you need to have patience with yourself and at your pace of learning.

Practice, practice and practice is the only way to make sure you speak the right words at the right time.

Record your conversation practice and analyze your mistakes to learn from them and not repeat them.

The most important thing in learning English for a non-English person is to stay motivated. Don’t give up on your dream of becoming fluent in English. Everyone learns at their own pace but the ways I’ve mentioned above will help you to quicken the process.

Just Never skip a single day to practice your English skills even if it is for 5 minutes.

FAQ on Improve English Language Skills

What is the best way to improve English communication skill?

Observe native English-speaking people and learn their accent, body language and choice of words for each situation is the best way to improve English communication skill. Expose yourself to the language as much as possible.

Why do you need better English skills?

English is one of the world’s most widely spoken mode of communication with being official language of 53 countries. Almost every corner of every country has someone who can speak English so you don’t have to learn all 6,500 languages in the world to be able to communicate with people from all different countries. 

How can I learn a language?

You can learn a language by first understanding the tone(manner of speaking), vocabulary(standard words to express an idea like water, hello, food, cloths etc.), and then grammar(rules of framing the sentences). You have to practice them with a peer or self to get fluency. It’s best to find a native English speaker with whom you can practice your English.

 Why English is important for job?

English is mostly spoken in almost all the countries, so getting a job profile in any multinational company is easier for English-speaking person. Also, most of the media houses and entertainment platform supports English as the main language, so knowing English helps in learning new skills and information that will indirectly help in the growth of the job profile.