7 Important Life Lessons Learned From Pandemic [Must Know]

Life is not a straight line, but consists of ups and down, a zigzag road where what will happen next, we never know. These life shaking events teaches us many life lessons. One such we all learned during the pandemic, the worst in many decades, The COVID-19 Pandemic.

The entire pandemic period was a dark phase for every one of us and our problems just multiplied during it. But this is life, crying about the problems will not solve it. We all have to get up, fight it and make sure it’s never repeated. And we have done it in most parts of the world.

Together we stood still against the pandemic and over-come it.

10 Most Important Life Lessons

Why these life lessons are important?

These life lessons are important so that we don’t face the same hurdles and problems again in the future. It’s better to be prepared than to be sorry.

7 Important Life Lessons Learned From Pandemic

7 Important Life Lessons Learned From Pandemic
7 Important Life Lessons Learned From Pandemic
  • Lesson No. 1 is “We must have an emergency fund”

Do it first before you buy anything fancy. Your next iPhone or next cool dress can wait. But this emergency fund shouldn’t. 

When should you use emergency fund?

You should only use emergency fund when there is a big problem in your life and there is no other means to help you out financially.

This emergency fund will play an important role is case of sudden job loss or medical emergency. 

Problems in life come suddenly, so this emergency fund is your best friend.

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How much emergency fund should one keep?

Typically, it should be at least equal to 6 months of household expense. Example if your monthly expenditure is $100 then you should have a fund of at least $600 dollar as emergency fund.

Keep this amount somewhere where it’s not easy to withdraw quickly. Example as recurring deposit or fixed deposit.

But don’t keep it as cash or else you will be tempted to spend it.

  • Lesson No. 2 is “We must Increase our skills”

Rather than spending money on material luxury items, spend the money on learning different skills. It can be different for different people.

Someone may like to learn guitar, someone else copy-writing. No matter what you like do spend time to learn it.

Always invest a portion of your income on yourself to learn new skills or improve the existing ones.

Always remember this Golden words: Having multiple source of income is a necessity, not an option”.

It’s not wise to depend on only single source of income.

During the entire pandemic, people who had different skill-sets were able to lead a normal life as they could earn from multiple sources.

The money you are spending on yourself is not an expense but an investment and will definitely give you a huge return to the future. 

  • Lesson No. 3 is “Opportunity lies within every problem”

It’s true.Whether the circumstances are with us or against us, opportunities are always around us. If we try to look carefully at what is happening around us and find opportunity for ourselves, then we will definitely get some opportunity which can change our life.

Even during the 2020 pandemic, people found such opportunities which were new and creative. This helped to look at the worlds from a new prescriptive.

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New industries like Digital marketing, online education and online grocery delivery bloomed and make stable source of income for many people.

People stared to invest in stocks and share markets, started learning new skills to have passive income source and much more.

  •  Lesson No. 4 is “Must have multiple source of earning”

 I cannot highlight the importance of this fact anymore. This pandemic has taught us that we cannot depend on one source of earning anymore. If not multiple, at least have two sources of income and in the process develop your skill-sets.

If for some unwanted unplanned reasons, one method of earning is hampered, you will still have the other(s) to take care of your basic needs.

Passive Income Source has become more important after Covid-19 pandemic. You can read my 3 articles on Passive Income:

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  • Lesson No. 5 is “Invest Money for Future, Don’t Just Save Them”

Money will not grow if your don’t invest. Use the power of compounding to your favor and increase your wealth. Every successful investor suggest to set aside 20% of income and invest that on various schemes like Stock, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposit, on Start ups funding etc.

  • Lesson No. 6 is “Take Care of Your Health & Immunity”

Don’t take your body for granted. Invest daily to improve your overall well-being by doing some form of physical exercise and/or yoga/pranayam along with nutritious food. Remember, we are what we eat and think.

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The early days in the pandemic created uncertainties both in our personal and professional lives. They stressed our mental health. Thus, meditation and regular exercise became that much important.

  • Lesson No. 7 is to “Take Full Responsibility of Your Actions”

Stop blaming others and take full responsibility of your actions and do what’s right and not what is easy.

Face the problem and find the solutions rather than crying over the problem.

  • Lesson No. 8 is “We need Social Interaction’s and Human Contact”

In the time of social media, where everyone is connected virtually, it’s the human connection that’s 

Final Thoughts

Problems are never welcomed, but it too has its merit. Problems teach us our mistakes and help us to rebuild ourselves and make the world and our life better. And a successful person is he who learns something from the problems that life throws upon us.

This pandemic was one such problem that has impacted the entire Society as a whole. But we overcame it. We fought it, made the vaccine and are back on our feet.

The most important thing that I have learned from the pandemic is that when crisis happens, it is ok to not be 100% all the time. But we must have faith in our abilities and trust our actions to get things right.

The pandemic has taught us that Family, friends, health and happiness is the most valuable and prized treasure in our life.Everything else is secondary.

The pandemic has forced us to re-think our monthly budgets, changing our daily habits and commit to improve our health and social skills, the thinks that we take for granted.