This Is How I Improved My Communication Skills and Personality

How would you describe yourself? Are you outgoing or shy? What kind of person are you?

There are two sides to every story. The same goes for communication skills.

Some people are naturally good at communicating with other people (I was not! But I learned), while others struggle to get their point across.

If you want to improve your communication skills, read these 7 ways to become a better communicator.

Communication is key to success in life. In order to succeed in anything, you need to communicate effectively with others. This applies to both personal relationships and professional ones.

Communication skills are important because:

  • 1. They allow us to express ourselves clearly and effectively.
  • 2. They also enable us to connect with other people and build relationships.
  • 3. These skills are especially useful in the workplace where effective communication is key to achieving goals and reaching milestones.
How I Improved My Communication Skills and Personality
1. Talk to people more often . The more you practice talking , the
better you'll become at communication .
2. Listen actively . Pay attention to what others are saying and try
to understand their perspective .
3. Be assertive . Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself or share
your opinion .
4. Be clear and concise . When you're communicating , make sure
your message is clear and easy to understand .
How I Improved My Communication Skills and Personality


Are you shy? Or introverted? Do you have trouble communicating with others? If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t worry! You can improve your communication skills and personality by following these 5 simple tips.

  1. Start by asserting yourself. When you’re in a conversation, make sure your voice is heard.
  2. Don’t be afraid to speak up and share your thoughts and opinions. This will help you be more confident when communicating with others.
  3. It’s also important to be a good listener and really listen to what the other person is saying.
  4. Pay attention to their body language and facial expressions. This will help you better understand them and respond accordingly.
  5. Finally, try to be more positive. Smile more often, make eye contact, and use positive words when speaking to others

Let me share with you the simple but highly effective 9 tips I used in the college days that have helped me become a better communicator.

1. Be Present When Talking With Others

Being present during conversations is critical to effective communication. Being distracted by technology, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., makes it difficult to focus on others. Instead, turn off all distractions and focus on the conversation.

2. Ask Questions

It doesn’t matter how much you know; asking questions is still the best way to learn something new. Asking questions also shows interest in learning more about the topic being discussed.

3. Listen Carefully

Listening carefully allows you to understand others’ thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to nonverbal cues, too, such as body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and eye contact.

4. Speak Clearly

Speak clearly so that others can hear you. Avoid slang and jargon, unless you’re speaking to a group of experts in the field. Also avoid abbreviations, acronyms, and texting lingo.

5. Use Appropriate Tone

Use appropriate tones when speaking with different groups of people. For instance, if you’re speaking to a boss, speak respectfully but assertively. On the other hand, if you’re speaking with a child, speak softly and gently.

6. Show Empathy

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes and imagine how they feel. People who lack empathy tend to judge others harshly and make snap judgments based on superficial information.

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7. Be Honest About Yourself

People appreciate honesty. So, tell the truth about yourself. If you don’t think you’re very good at something, admit it. It will help you work on improving your weaknesses.

8. Don’t Take Things Personally

People often take things personally. However, this isn’t always true. Sometimes, we just misinterpret what someone says or does. Try to be objective and look at situations from the outside.

9. Say What You Mean

Be clear about what you mean. If you don’t say what you mean, others will assume you meant something else.

Communication is key when it comes to succeeding in
life . Whether we're talking about relationships , job
interviews , or networking events , communication plays a
huge part in determining how successful we'll be .

It’s very difficult to communicate effectively with others when you aren’t honest with yourself.

When you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize that you may not be happy with some things in your life right now. But rather than wallowing in self-pity, try to figure out what you really want out of life.

I have realised that one of the best ways to improve your communication skills is to ask for feedback. People love to give feedback; after all, it makes them feel useful. So instead of just telling someone what you think, ask them what they think.

You can also ask for feedback on specific areas of your personality. For example, if you struggle with assertiveness, ask someone else to tell you what they think about your ability to speak up for yourself.

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We often hear that communication skills are lacking in our society. People don’t seem to be communicating anymore. We may think that everyone has lost their ability to speak to one another.

However, communication skills aren’t lost. They’re still available to everyone. All you need is practice.

Social skills are crucial to success. In fact, studies show that people with poor social skills are more likely to fail in their careers and relationships.

What are some ways to improve your social skills?

First, practice being assertive. Assertiveness involves expressing yourself clearly and politely. It’s also about standing up for yourself.

Second, practice saying no. Saying no doesn’t mean that you don’t want to help others. It simply means that you cannot accommodate every request that comes your way.

Third, practice asking questions. Ask questions to gain understanding. Ask questions to clarify points. Ask questions to seek clarification.

Fourth, practice listening. Be attentive to what others are saying. Pay close attention to nonverbal cues.

Fifth, practice empathy. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes. Try to imagine what it feels like to be in the situation described by the other person.

Let’s elaborate on the topic by sharing with you my special 5 tips to improve your communication skills and personality.

5 tips to improve your communication skills and personality.

#1. Practice Speaking Up

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to your boss, your spouse, or your child, speaking up is crucial to success. If you don’t speak up, you won’t get anywhere.

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So, how do you learn to speak up? First, you need to identify situations where you would benefit from speaking up. Then, you need to practice speaking up in these situations.

For example, let’s say you’re working with a coworker. You notice that he/she isn’t doing his/her job correctly. Instead of letting things go, you should speak up and tell him/her what’s wrong.

This will give you the opportunity to correct the situation.

#2. Learn How To Listen

Listening is equally important as speaking up. If you listen carefully, you’ll learn much more than you ever thought possible.

When listening, pay attention to the speaker’s tone of voice. Does she/he sound happy, sad, angry, excited, or bored? Paying attention to the speaker’s emotions will help you better understand what she/he is saying.

By paying careful attention, you’ll learn a lot about her/him.

#3. Be Open-Minded

Being open-minded means accepting new information without judgment. Being open-minded allows you to accept new ideas and opinions.

As a result, you’ll become a more well-rounded person. You’ll be able to see things from multiple perspectives.

To be open-minded, you must first acknowledge that you have preconceived notions. Once you admit that you have certain beliefs, you’ll be able to change those beliefs.

#4. Use Humility

Humility is the opposite of pride. Pride is thinking highly of yourself. Humility is thinking lowly of yourself.

Pride makes you arrogant. Arrogance leads to arrogance. And arrogance leads to self-centeredness. Self-centeredness leads to selfishness.

Selfishness leads to greediness. Greediness leads to jealousy. Jealousy leads to envy. Envy leads to hatred. Hatred leads to violence.

Violence leads to war. War leads to destruction. Destruction leads to death. Death leads to suffering. Suffering leads to pain. Pain leads to stress.

Stress leads to anxiety. Anxiety leads to depression. Depression leads to suicide. Suicide leads to death.

Death leads to suffering. Suffering leads to pain. Pain causes stress. Stress causes anxiety. Anxiety leads to fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to violence. Violence causes death.

Death leads back to suffering. Suffering causes pain. Pain causes stress…and so on.

There is no escape from this cycle.

Therefore, humility is the antidote to pride. By acknowledging that you have certain biases, you can overcome them.

#5. Don’t Take Things Personally

Taking things personally is a common problem. Many people believe that they’re responsible for everything that happens to them.

They feel guilty if something bad happens to them. They blame themselves for every mistake they make.

But taking things personally is a waste of time. There’s nothing you can do about anything that happens to you.

Instead of blaming yourself, focus on learning from your mistakes. Focus on improving yourself. Focus on becoming a better person.

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Focus on understanding others instead of focusing on yourself.

Remember that there’s always a lesson to be learned from any experience.

Learn From Mistakes

Mistakes happen. Everyone makes mistakes. But you shouldn’t take things personally.

Take responsibility for your actions . Accept that you made a
mistake . Admit that you were wrong . Apologize . Ask for
forgiveness .

Take responsibility for your actions. Accept that you made a mistake. Admit that you were wrong. Apologize. Ask for forgiveness.

Then move forward. Make amends. Do better next time.

Don’t worry about what happened. Worry about what you can do to prevent future problems.

That’s the key to avoiding negative experiences.

Use These Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills and Personality

Now that you know how to improve your communication skills, here are 5 ways to use them to improve your personality:

So let’s find out together.

#1. Be Yourself

This tip is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to improve your personality, you need to be yourself. This means that you shouldn’t pretend to be somebody else.

Instead, you should be honest with yourself and others. Don’t lie to yourself or others.

#2. Learn How To Say No

Learning how to say no is one of the easiest things you can learn.

It takes practice, though. So start small. For example, instead of saying yes to everything, say yes to 10% of the things you usually agree to.

Then gradually increase your percentage until you reach 100%.

#3. Practice Self-Control

Self-control is another skill that takes practice.

Practice controlling your emotions. Instead of reacting emotionally to situations, control your emotions.

For example, if you feel angry, stop thinking about the situation and focus on something else.

Or, if you feel sad, distract yourself from the sadness by doing something else.

#4. Focus On What Matters Most

When you focus on what matters most, you become happier.

Focus on the positive aspects of your life. Think about the things that bring you happiness.

Think about the things that matter to you.

#5. Take Care Of Yourself

Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Make sure that you eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, sleep well, and relax.

These five tips will help you develop a better personality.

Now, go ahead and apply these tips to your life. You’ll see that you’ll notice a difference after just a short period of time.

If you want to Improve Your Communication Skills and Personality, you need to change your mindset first.

You need to accept that you’re not perfect. And you need to understand that everyone has flaws.

And then you need to work on those flaws.

Effective communication skills and personality development require patience, persistence, and consistency.

But it also requires effort.

So don’t give up. Keep trying. Keep working at improving yourself. And soon enough, you’ll have developed a great personality.

Strong communication skills need to be practised every day. They aren’t something that you can simply learn once and forget about.

In fact, they’re something that you must continue practising throughout your entire lifetime.