31+ Effective Ways To Create Passive Income With No Money

There are more than 31 ways to create passive income with no money in this article. Are you interested to earn some dollars?

Just because I said no initial investment is required that doesn’t mean there is no work. Nothing in this life is free.

You have to either invest your time and effort or invest money. The choice is yours.

Few Examples of “Investing Time & Efforts” vs “Investing Money”

>> Invest Time and Efforts

  • Create and sell an online course
  • Write an ebook
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sell photo online

>> Invest Money

  • Rent extra room of your house(Renovated)
  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Invest in crowdfunded real estate
  • Buy Established Niche Website

Some people claim to earn six-figure income per month using Passive income. Is it true?

Yes, it is. 

But it’s not that easy. You have to plant the seed to see the return and water/nourish it from to taste the sweet fruit.

Want to make the process quick, then give efforts during the initial days and then share the business with others.

They maintain/work for you and you get your passive recurring income. This way you can have multiple businesses running at the same time.

The biggest reasons why this post is for you!

  • You need to know about various Passive Income sources so that you don’t want to work until you are retired.
  • Also, Passive income can safeguard you against sudden job loss or financial hardship.

What is Passive Income?

Many will explain it as “Earn money without active participation or with no efforts.” But I beg to differ.My definition of Passive Income that it’s a source of income stream or multiple sources of an income stream that requires no daily efforts to maintain. 

Once you have established it, you can sit back and enjoy money coming towards you regularly, even when you are sleeping.

But, You do need to monitor your passive income streams once in a while to make sure it’s still profitable and improve ways to increase the revenue, and that required active participation.

So, passive income is getting paid (money) even after you stop actively working on your project.

#*# To know more about the Benefits of Passive Income you can read my article on the following link: https://themindpedia.com/benefits-of-passive-income/

How to Create Passive Income with No Money?

I will group the Passive Income ways in 4 categories concerning the work required: Easy, Medium, Tough and Stay Away.The cost of living has increased dramatically in this century and maintain the basic needs with just the monthly salary become a Herculean task. Thus comes the passive income to the rescue. 

But even one source of passive income has become not sufficient to fulfill us.

Thus comes this list. So, sit back and know How to make money with no initial investment.

Note: When you want to generate passive income with no money you have to use the assets you already have.

Some of the methods here assume that you have certain assets like car, home, camera, laptop, etc. with you.

If you don’t have them!

Don’t worry. 

In the end to know how to generate passive income if you have no assets to start with.

What Are The Easy Ways To Earn Money Online?

#1. Eat outside to earn money.

! OK, I am not lying. 

There are services like “Seated” which pays up to 30% cashback when you dine at the best restaurants in town.

The link to the website is https://www.seatedapp.io/

So, get out and enjoy your time out with family and friends and each some buck.

#2. There are certain websites like Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt, or Printful where you can upload your designs to create and sell t-shirts.

Don’t worry, websites like Printful will handle all of the printing and shipping for you. You can enjoy the dollar sitting at home.

You can use a free awesome tool called Canva for the t-shirt graphic design. It has an app and also you can use the website. It’s simple, fast, and free!

[Assuming that you have a car], you can:

#3. Earn Money by Partially Renting your car to people directly or through services like ZoomCar, Alamo, Uber, CarRentals, Sixt, Avis, Enterprise and so many.

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If needed you can hire a driver and pay him/her a commission on each trip if not a monthly salary.

Remember: To rent a car you or the driver must have a valid driver’s license, up-to-date insurance paper, and pollution certificate.

#4. While driving around the town, why not advertise the local business and get paid for being a mobile billboard. Isn’t it worth it?

You may think people may make fun of you. Well, those people will not come to help you with your financial needs. So, ignore those losers. You just focus to make money.

So, go and speak with local businesses (may need to approach multiple businesses to get one person’s approval).

Let’s Carvetise 

If you have space you can #rent your parking space also.

#5. Rent your Extra Room of the house. If you have any extra room, just rent it to a bachelor’s. Want to earn money, offer to provide them food also for extra dollars(Yes, it’s called Paying Guest).

You can also list your extra room on Airbnb.

While renting, do make full inquiry of them. Their reason for stay, check their identity cards, their permanent address, etc. If possible do inform the police that you are keeping a new tenant for security.


#6. You can also rent your backyards for the party and even be the event manager. It is high paying passive income source. If you don’t have time to manage you can outsource the work.

#7. If you can somehow arrange money (a loan may be!) you can opt for Real Estate Business. Here, you buy a house/apartment, renovate it and give it to a suitable tenant.

You can pay the loan with the money you get from the tenant. This way after some years the house/apartment becomes your property and you earn passive income for the rest of your life.

This is the traditional real estate the includes high upfront cost and a huge risk. But not to worry, for a simple normal people like us, there is crowdfunded real estate also.

#8. In Real Estate Crowdfunding you can pick and invest in specific assets that you like. With websites like https://fundrise.com/, you can start investing as low as $500.

They will take care of everything, you don’t have to manage anything. The best part is if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your investment within the first 90 days, the website Fundraise will buy back your investment at the original price.

So, No-Risk Only Gain.

#9. Join Affiliate Marketing Programs like ClickBank, Amazon Associates, Rakuten LinkShare, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, ShareASale, Neverblue, Market Health, eBay Partner Network, and many more.

When someone clicks on the link given by your affiliate programs and makes a purchase from them, you earn a percentage of the commission.

Some of them are easy to join like Amazon Associates, Market Health, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, etc.

But some require greater traffic to websites or Followers on Social media to get approved like eBay, Neverblue, Rakuten LinkShare Programs, etc.

It’s easy and the best way to earn a passive income because you can earn money just by adding a link to social media/websites.

#10. Sell Photos Online on these websites: Shutterstock, iStock, Getty Images, Fotomoto, Alamy, Adobe Stock, 500px, and 123RF.

The Rules and commission rates are different for different websites so read them properly before submitting your photo.

#11. If you are or were a student, you can sell your Class Notes on websites like StudySoup or even on OLX.

Now, StudySoup is a specialized online platform that allows college students to purchase notes and/or courses from other students. If it’s not available in your country, just Google search for an alternative to it.

Every country has one.

#12. Use “Robo-Advisor” for the Investing guide. Now “Only a Rich will Not become Rich”. One who takes action will become rich.

These software-based advisors that give you an individualized, professionally built portfolio.

Just tell about yourself, your investment objectives, the amount you want to invest and it will accordingly guide you.

https://www.betterment.com/ is one such Robo-advisors website.

What Are The Medium Difficult Ways To Earn Money Online?

#1. Write a Book(Specially e-book) and self publish/sell them on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing(KDP) programs. 

Remember: If you price your Kindle eBook at $2.99 – $9.99, then you will receive a royalty of 70% on each sale. But, if the ebook price is below $2.99 or above $9.99, then it’s only 35% royalty [https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G200634560]

You can also sell hard copies of the ebook via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and that too free.

I included it in medium difficulty because you need to make awesome cover design and some marketing(free or paid) to grasp the attention of your potential customer.

If you know to write and nothing else then I will suggest you to use cheap services like Fiverr to get these done. But, I will highly encourage you to learn it yourself.

Because you can then

#2. Earn money by providing services like making a book cover, writing an eBook/articles, copy-writing, graphic design, voice-over, translator, etc on services like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal.

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#3. Make YouTube Videos: YouTube is free to start and free to promote your products/affiliate links.

All you need is a Gmail account, a video camera/phone, and a mic(if possible).

But remember if you want to rely only on the YouTube ads then as per the current YouTube Policy, you would need around 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of watch time to get Google AdSense approval.

Once your channel grows with the audience/subscriber, then you can also get sponsorship from different products owner to promote their product on your channel.

#4. Start a website and earn through Ads or Affiliate Programs. Nothing much to explain except that you need good quality content (like the one you are reading) to have sustainable organic traffic to earn handsomely.

#5. Create Online Course or Sell Informational Products like eBook, audio-book, or video course.

Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera are the three biggest platforms to market and sell your courses.

It does take time and effort to create one, but once made it will keep earning you for many years. All you have to do is update it regularly.

#6. Sell Digital products like Video Tutorial, PDF Guides, Artworks, Excel Templates, etc. For people who don’t have their websites, you can make one free on Google Sites or blogger or WordPress(https://wordpress.com/)

Alternatively, you can create a shop on Etsy, Payhip, or use sites like SendOwl which has features to help you built, sell, and deliver your digital products. 

#7. Sell old unused clothes and other products on eBay, OLX, Classified Ads, etc. I consider it medium tough because you need to find a genuine buyer on such apps and then settle on a common price point. These take time and lots of effort.

#8. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) loan(lending) where you give personal loans to a borrower either directly or by third-party like  LendingClub or Prosper.

There is a risk of the defaulter, so give the money wisely by judging the reason for borrow and keeping a security contract. Having a 3rd party helps in the security aspects.

What Are The Tough Ways To Earn Money Online?

#1. Sell Products, either your own or of others. You can make e-commerce websites or do manually. 

Products may include handmade gifts, DIY, school/college projects, clothes, accessories, etc.

#2. Make Apps and publish them on Google Play Store or Apple Store. It requires basic knowledge of graphics design and programming.

Though there is a so-called drag and drop app builder, but I highly recommend you learn to make them independently.

#3. Sell Niche Websites on https://www.flippa.com/ like websites.

#4. Dividend stocks: They require a huge amount of time and experience for researching to find profitable stocks. Also, it requires a considerable amount of investments to become profitable.

Note: Only the brave hearts with experience should do it.

#5. Drop Shipping with Shopify is the eCommerce for normal people like us. Here, as soon as a product is booked on your website, you purchase it instantly from the supplier, who then ships it directly to the customer.

I have listed it in a tough category because you need to have a rock-solid website with efficient beautiful design, optimum speed, and high traffic handling capacity. 

The biggest advantage is you never see or touch the product. It’s just like affiliate marketing but the profit margin is high.

#6. Index fund. It requires a sound knowledge of the share market. It’s different from Mutual Funds where you have an active manager who decides when to buy and sell shares. But

In Index, Funds follows a collection of stocks, therefore, eliminating the cost and risk associated with a fund manager.

Notice: I have zero knowledge regarding share market/Index funds so please talk with someone specialist before deciding on index funds.

#7. Podcast: Just like a blog, you can earn money from affiliates, or advertisers, or by selling your products and services.

And no, you don’t need a $500 microphone or fancy home studio to get started.

Start with a quick Amazon search for the best podcasting headsets under $50 and start doing it. You will get better with time and learn what else is needed.

#8. Facebook Ad campaign: You can help small business houses(especially local) to generate leads for their business by simply creating a Facebook Ad campaign.

You can charge at least $1 for your single leads/customers. 

Not only Facebook, but you can also run Ad Campaigns in Google and Bing search engines. This has enormous potential but you need to have sound experience in marketing strategy especially Social Media Marketing.

#9. Become Social Media Influencer: It takes lots of time and effort to become one. 

Though directly the social media platforms won’t pay you 

But, you can promote other channels/person profile or their products and earn per post-commission. 

They are called Social Media Influencers and sponsored posts/content are their way of earning.

What Are The Stay Away Ways To Earn Money Online?

#1. Paid Surveys. Run as far as you can for anyone who is suggesting you do paid surveys. You will earn cents(coins) for your hard labor and valuable time.

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#2. Websites/Services like Swagbucks(for searching), Qmee(for clicking advertisements), Ebates(for shopping), or InboxDollars(for reading paid email, completing surveys, playing online games). 

I will not even mention their links in this article.

Because they are a useless waste of your efforts and time.

Swagbucks does pay you to search online using their search engine but the amount they pay and the results you get are not justified.

You can comment on your experience below if you have used these services.

#3. Don’t install apps/games that say it will pay you if you have them. They are hardly useful and the risk of security is greater than the gain.


#4. Buy and Sell Domain Names. I said domain names(here), not Websites. It’s profitable to sell niche websites. If you cannot; you can still run ads till you can.

But domain names are a gamble. Until you find a buyer, it’s pretty much useless.

#5. Savings Accounts: You can disagree with me on this point but I can explain. The interest banks provide is a joke.

Day by day the interest rates are decreasing. So, keeping them in saving accounts is a big NO-NO

Rather invest them to earn more in the above-mentioned ideas.

“No Assets/Money to Start With” Ways To Earn Money Online

#1. Youtube: I have already explained this above. It’s free to start and all it requires is your phone and laptop.

#2. Free Blogs: Google provides Google Sites (https://sites.google.com/new) where you can create websites for free by simple drag and drop the elements. 

Alternatively, you can use wordpress.com or Blogspot, or Wix.

After you have the website, try to promote affiliate marketing or use them as your profile biodata to earn money.

#3. Cash Back / Discounts!

Yes, you read it correctly

Credit cards, alternate recharge mediums, websites, etc. won’t make you rich but will certainly earn you extra money, that would have been lost.

Just keep an eye on all the payment methods and find the ones that offer more cash backs/or websites that offer discounts.

#4. Bargaining. It should be on No.1 because it’s the quickest way to make money.

Next time you buy anything, just ask for a rebate and see the magic happen.

Worst case scenario, you will not get a discount. Just leave the store and go to the next one. There is no shortage of stores and products in today’s world.

#5. Don’t use credit cards, subscriptions, or items that you no longer use. Cancel the credit card, stop the subscriptions, and sell the items. 

Only let the useful things have a place in your life.

Creating good quality online courses to sell on Udemy alike websites does require investment in good light, sound, and animation software systems but you can do them on Youtube for free and ask for donations via Patreon.

#6. As explained above, Print-on-Demand only needs your design. They will promote, sell, ship the T-shirts, designer mugs, etc. to customers. You will earn your commission.

Don’t just sit, Get Up and start doing.

Will these Ways To Earn Money Online work?

Some will work like magic and some not. But you have to try them all to see. Don’t lose hope if it’s not working.

If you need any help or assistance, just ping a comment below. I manually verify them and usually answer within 48 hours.

What does it take to earn Passive Income?

Either money or time. If you can give both then the process will be quicker.

How Much Passive Income Can You Earn?

This depends on what type of passive income business you are in. It can range anywhere from $500 to $50000 for Affiliate Marketing. Some people are earning $10000 per week, so can you.

What is passive income?

The ability to earn money with little or no efforts once the side hustle business gets set up. It takes time and consistent efforts to build it. But, once done, you can earn while sleeping.

How to Start Building Passive Income?

The best starting point is Print-on-Demand Business. It’s easy to do. All it needs is the design that you can draw freely on the Canva. Along with it, I will suggest, Making Youtube videos on the topic you love and some sort of Affiliate Marketing.

Can You Create Passive Income Without A Financial Investment?

Yes, You can. Everyone starts at zero. Zero followers/subscribers, zero return for the time, and efforts. But be consistent in your work and fall deeply in love with your side hustle. you can create passive income.

How many streams of income should you have?

The simple answer is as many possible. But start with one. Build it so that it becomes passive and then move to the next one. Just focus one at a time.

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