Solved! Bitnami WordPress Login Error | Locally Installed WordPress In Ubuntu/Linux Mint Not Working

In this video you will learn how you can solve a very common problem while installing WordPress locally in your Ubuntu Mac or Windows system using bitnami.

Suppose you have installed WordPress properly on your system. Even when the WordPress was installed properly still you may face a problem while login.

The issue which you may face is that the site cannot be reached.

This is a very common and simple issue and can be easily solved by watching this video tutorial.

Bitnami WordPress Login Error

How to solve Bitnami WordPress Login Error ?

  1. Go to the WordPress default directory and within the folder you will find manager Linux application.
  2. Click the application.
  3. Go to manage servers.
  4. And click start all to start my_SQL_database and Apache web server.
  5. Now reload your WordPress URL you can easily login.

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